Mighty Yosemite

After several weeks apart, we reunited with our friends Luke and Kelly to embark on more USA adventures. Luke and Kelly had hired a van (Josie’s cousin!) and after some catch-up beers in the quaint town of Mariposa, we headed into Yosemite National Park. We were initially a bit underwhelmed - and then we spotted the cascading waterfall and mighty granite cliffs beneath the veil of gloom and fog.

We arrived at the campground, which was renowned for having an issue with bear visitors. Taking all precautions, we gutted both our cars of ALL scented items and relocated them to the bear locker, before settling in for a very chilly evening. Sack really wished he hadn’t lost his jeans in New Orleans.

We woke to a very crisp morning but clear skies, which was perfect for exploring the park. We checked out Yosemite Falls (the boys quite literally, climbing into the river) and watched a bobcat casually stroll right past us. Seeking more excitement, we jumped in the vans and headed east. We found ourselves climbing and climbing, and at the top (around 11,000 ft) we found SNOW! Naturally, there ensued plenty of snowball fights until the chill became too much.

After a rapid descent from the mountains, we found ourselves back in dry warmth. We spent the night on the outskirts of Big Pine, where fatigue gave out to plenty of BB gun target practise.