Rampaging Part 2

Day 2 of digging was just as surreal as the first day. Slightly less awkward and starstruck, we navigated our way with ease up the cliff faces with plenty of spectating on the way. The site was buzzing with activity and the atmosphere was definitely beginning to ramp up (especially with the abundance of free Red Bull). We spent the morning learning hard and fast about trail building and helped prepare a section of Nic’s proposed trail. Fortunately for us, Nic turned out to be a very chilled out guy and was quite happy to knock off for lunch after just 1 full practise run. After eating our lunch in the company of some famous bikes, we went back up to check on the trail - and do a lot of spectating. We were still struggling to believe the guts of the riders and the sheer insanity of the event itself. And the fact we got to see so many pro riders on the trails in real life! It was an incredible privilege.