Bucket List Item #11 - Attend Red Bull Rampage

After 2 days of hard work, it was time for the main event - and boy were the crowds pouring in! With the riders at the gate, we were free to simply watch the event and saw some spectacular runs down. We watched Nic do his first full run and nail it! Catching him on our way down to lunch, we stopped to have a chat and congratulatory high-five in front of the watching crowds. Feeling like minor celebrities and pumped full of Red Bull, we were buzzing for the next round of qualifiers.

Due to be in Phoenix by the next day (a 7 hour drive), we cut our viewing short and left once the top 11 had been decided. We said our farewells and thank you to Nic (such a legend!) and slogged out 4 hours of the journey, revelling in the afterglow of the Rampage experience…or perhaps it was the orange dust.