Bleary-eyed after a night of relentless thunderstorms and rain, we woke to find the campsite flooded. This made for a slow (and muddy) start as we were unwilling to get drenched in the continuing downpours. Once we finally made it on the road, the stormy skies and drizzle only enhanced the vibrant colours of the Utah plains.

The landscape grew more surreal the further north we went and we saw some amazing canyons and arches (and made plenty of stops). In Moab, we holed up in McDonalds to escape the rain and despaired what to do and where to go. Eventually the rain started to clear and we headed off to ‘Horse Thief’ campground in nearby Dead Horse State Park (definite theme going here).

We found a prime site and took advantage of the break in weather to explore the nearby mountain biking trails. As we traversed the slab and sand trails, we were captivated by the uninterrupted and private views of the phenomenal landscape that surrounded us.

We headed back to site just before nightfall and settled into Josie in an attempt to evade the plummeting temperature. Despite a restful night, we had an adrenalin-fuelled wakeup upon the discovery that we had left Josie’s passenger door open all night. Filled with relief after the consequent stocktake of our valuables and the fact it hardly rained, we recovered with a tea and book for Sponge and sneaky MTB expedition for Sack.