Four Corners Report

As we followed Highway 64 across New Mexico, we saw some spectacular scenery such as the Rio Grande Canyon and some more of those golden glowing forests. We even saw some Earth houses and hundreds of prowling tarantulas crossing the road (mating season apparently!). Soon enough, however, we found ourselves back in the flat, unexciting plains for more kilometres than desired. We took plenty of photos to pass the timeā€¦

Clearly not catering for many tourists, we struggled to find a place to stop for lunch or fuel. Forced to stop in Shiprock, the car facing us at the bowser had what appeared to be a bullet hole square through the windscreen. With Sponge firmly locked in the car, Sack performed the fastest fuel purchase ever and we sped off into the sunset.

We drove through some spectacular canyon lands and made an obligatory stop at the Four Corners Monument, where the borders of 4 neighbouring states converge. Although not as exciting as we hoped, it was pretty cool to see - especially having seen it in so many movies and tv shows. Keen to leave New Mexico behind us, we kept on until the road took us (back!) into Utah.