Keeping Austin Weird

Somehow we made it out of Houston, complete with a record fast service and new shoes for Josie, and set off to… somewhere. A quick Maccas stop helped us find McKinney Falls State Park, which was helpfully close to downtown Austin (though we paid the price for it!). After being checked in by a nice grandma, we relaxed at our site before checking out the nearby falls at sunset.

We were surprised to discover Austin had a clean and friendly atmosphere, which kind of reminded us of Nashville and Vancouver put together. We saw the sights before enjoying some G&Ts on 6th Street, listening to a live piano battle and later, some blues. The next morning we went back into town for some coffee and to find a food truck for which Austin is renowned (and recommended to us by a friend). Much to our delight, we found a Thai truck and indulged in pad thai, tom yum and pork dumplings for the road. However, we barely made it out of Austin before we could no longer resist the smell, and practically inhaled our first Thai meal (with actual spice!) within seconds on the side of the interstate.

Extremely satisfied, we moseyed on and soon found ourselves in wine country. After a quick stop and purchase at Grape Creek Vineyards (one of the oldest vineyards there), we headed to Fredericksburg (a town evidently settled by Germans, complete with a marktplatz). Inevitably, we ended up at the brewing company for beers and a pretzel. Feeling a bit tipsy, we decided to camp at nearby ‘Lady Bird’ - which revealed itself to be a bizarre camp spot between a gridiron field and an airstrip. We watched both as the golden hour kicked in, followed by a late dinner and early bed.