We awoke sore and sorry for ourselves the next day, but were instantly revitalised by the delicious “po’boy” we ate for breakfast at the famous Mothers’ restaurant (a quintessential New Orleans treat). More than satisfied, we explored the French Quarter by daylight including the Mississippi River, Jackson Square, Royal St, Bourbon St and the French Markets. Sponge was in architectural heaven with the French and Spanish influences abounding.

Even more amazing was the live music on every street corner, with incredible musicians and all kinds of music. One in particular (Yes Ma’am) caught our attention and we purchased our very first authentic NOLA cd!

After a siesta at the hotel, we returned to Bourbon St for some more drunken debauchery. We kicked things off at Felix’s Oyster Bar where we watched oyster shucking over dinner (and ironically, no one even ordered them). We soon found ourselves with more drinks (‘grenades’) and inevitably at a strip club, where we were so poor we could only just afford the $1.25 beers between us. Needless to say, we were not the favourite patrons of the evening…