The Rest of the Rockies

Days: 21
Kilometres Travelled: 167
Total States Visited: 7
Total Kilometres: 5,121

As we headed to our next riding destination, we passed through Granby - a small town where we restocked on supplies and discovered Americans don't cook Indian food. Our cravings would have to wait. 

With some time to kill, we decided to check out nearby Rocky Mountain National Park. The drive in itself was epic, as was the following drive up to the highest ridge possible, where we drove through (and could identify) the subalpine and alpine. Here we saw some elk (massive beasts!) casually strolling about, and saw four more moose (clearly no longer that elusive). We finally reached the Alpine Visitors' Centre - and got SNOWED on. In our shorts and t-shirts, we were severely underdressed. Frantically grabbing any extra layers we could find, we made the brave 20m walk to the centre to admire the views before retreating back to Josie, heater cranked, and making the visually breathtaking descent back to normal altitude and weather.