The Curious Incident of the Mouse in the Nighttime

Having discovered the benefit of wearing socks to bed, we thought we would resume our usual solid sleeping routine... We were wrong. Nature was out to get us when, somehow,  a little deer mouse got inside Josie in the early morning hours and decided to have a party. At first Sack didn't believe Sponge that there was a strange rustling noise (there have been many false alarms stemmed from paranoia), but soon enough the greedy mouse was desperate to find the source of that delicious scent and it was clear we had an unwelcome - but very cute - guest. 

The next hour or two was spent devising cunning yet humane ways to try and catch the mouse, amid playing spotlight with it and diving in and out of the covers as it was so bloody cold. We laid patiently, quietly and so very still until the moment it wandered into our trap and we had it! At last we could sleep peacefully.

In the morning, we we went to release the mouse - only to discover it gone. Our sense of victory vanished just as fast, as we realised we had actually just trapped a loaf of bread - the mouse's desired treat. With it out of reach, the mouse gave up and let itself out!