Nothing Dodgy Here

Days: 25
Kilometres Travelled: 333
Total States Visited: 7
Total Kilometres: 5,842

After driving some of the most scenic rich, red, rocky canyons and quiet highways and spotting a ridiculous amount of sunflowers, we found ourselves in Trinidad - the last town before the New Mexico border. 

After a quick skate at the local skatepark, we went looking for a campsite at the nearby lake. We had made it to the first dirt road when we encountered our first real-life bounty hunter guarding the fee box. He was very enthusiastic at meeting real Australians, even calling his son (bounty-hunter-in-training) to come over from the truck and explain how he knew an Australian once. We listened VERY politely to all their stories, not quite cohering (thanks to very thick redneck accents) and not quite sure whether we should be alarmed by the giant knives and pistols casually hanging off their belts.

After carefully navigating our way out of conversation and back into our car, we took off to investigate the camping options - and quickly turned around after the uncomfortably long stares and excessively sized (and numerous) vehicles of the other campers. We had bailed on the camping idea and almost the whole town, when we decided to have a drink at the local brewery first - for liquid courage or to drown our sorrows, we weren't sure. 

Dodgeton Creek Brewing Co. was our saviour. The beer was delicious and the folk very friendly - so much so that we had trouble resisting either. We received endless advice on our travel route across the mid west, from the owners, locals and other passing patrons and many laughs, wisdoms and stories were shared. Before (or after?) we lost count of pints, we had various offers for accommodation (including one guy's ranch) before the owners offered for us to stay in the carpark overnight. We were set!