Heading South

Days: 23-24
Kilometres Travelled: 217
Total States Visited: 7
Total Kilometres: 5,509

While based in Frisco, we hit up Keystone, another bike park. Pros at the system now and with our trails mapped out, it didn't take long for us to be up the mountain and get going. We had 2 firsts here - Sack's first 14' corkscrew North Shore feature, while Sponge did her first solo ride.

Exhausted, we hit the road and made it to somewhere near Buena Vista - and like the name suggests, were greeted with some crazy mountain views. Unfortunately the campground rates were not so buena, with one place asking $43 USD for a tent site! We settled for a slightly cheaper KOA up the road, where we made sure to get our money's worth of terrible wifi and nice long showers.