The Reunion

What better way to spend a day of waiting than shopping at an outlet centre - or two. That is exactly what we did while we waited for Luke and Kelly to fly in that night, easily losing most of the day scouring for bargains and our 10th pair of Vans shoes (each). Battling thunderstorms and torrential rain, it was a quite a feat - but by 8pm, we were finally organised and ready to go to the airport.

Our first ever drive to an international airport in another country was a little terrifying but went surprisingly smoothly; we learned just how much we appreciate adequate signage, and our new familiarity with airports did not go astray. We waited excitedly but a little nervously at the arrivals lounge; Luke and Kelly were the first contact with home we had in over 6 months and the first opportunity for us to hang out with anyone but each other in a very long time. Then, before we knew it - there they were! 

We made it out of the airport and to our hotel in one piece, where we talked, drank beer and caught up until the early hours.