Music City

Days: 33
Kilometres Travelled: 558
Total States Visited: 11
Total Kilometres: 8,455

Early on a Sunday afternoon we rolled into Nashville (after a detour past Loretta Lynn's Ranch to se the amateur AMA MX track and an exorbitantly priced Belle Meade Mansion & Plantation) and were hit with the ultimate Sunday-sesh vibe. The atmosphere in downtown Nashville was simply unreal; every single bar (and there were heaps) was featuring a live band, resulting in different genres of live music cascading onto the streets. Every few steps was another bar with another tune, and we strolled merrily along soaking it all in.

The visual backdrop of Downton amplified its auditory richness, with rustic industrial architecture making it one of the coolest cities we have visited. Definitely on the return list!

Our senses exhausted, we cruised on the i40 towards Knoxville where the struggle to find somewhere to camp became all too real. Finally, we surrendered to our fatigue, need to shower and 'over it' feelings and stayed in our first motel in over a month. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. And we got free waffles for breakfast!