Carolina Cruising

Days: 35
Kilometres Travelled: 404
Total States Visited: 13
Total Kilometres: 9,049

After waking up in the Smokies, we scoped the rest of the Blue Ridge Parkway (its most esteemed drive) before deciding we'd seen enough and carried on to Asheville. 

We were very pleasantly surprised by this city; a walk around downtown showed it was a rare pocket of hippies and corporate resistance, a delightful escape from the corporate and consumerist driven metropolis' we had been immersed in so far. Beautiful old buildings, an abundance of natural product stores and Indian restaurants lined the streets - even the service station had no signage or ads!

As much as we liked lingering here, we had places to be and made our way south. En route we discovered the cheapest petrol yet for just $1.859 USD per gallon (about 70c AUD) and just had to fill up, a bittersweet contradiction to the sentiment of Asheville just minutes before. 

We made it to Baker Creek State Park, where $22 USD got us a lakefront site with power, water and a beautiful sunset.