Death by Mosquitos

Days: 38
Kilometres Travelled: 232
Total States Visited: 15
Total Kilometres: 9,703

We crossed the border into Florida with a couple of days to spare, and decided to take the scenic route down the coast to Orlando where we were meeting our friends, Luke and Kelly. 

It was a pretty cool but long drive along tidal flats and river inlets until we reached Little Talbot Island State Park, our intended camp for the night. We got one of the last few sites in what we thought was the coolest campground yet - it looked like a zoo, it was so tropical! The thousands of bugs that immediately started crawling over us would surely retreat overnight, we thought.

Humidity at 1000%, we wasted no time in getting ourselves to the beach for our first swim - and learned that the ocean was like a bath. Still, it was refreshing enough and best of all, no bugs! Our swim was followed by beach carpark chilling and a couple of beers, enjoying the bug-free atmosphere. 

At sunset we returned to our camp for toast and death by mosquitos - no amount of clothing (it was so hot too!), mozzie coils or Bushmans could keep them from mauling us and we quickly retreated into the stuffy confines of Josie for the rest of the night.  

The onslaught of mosquitos hit us again the moment we stepped foot outside the next morning, and our patience broke. No pack up, clean up or even breakfast before we hightailed it out of there, but carefully removing the 10cm spider and his web that blockaded our campsite first!