The Mission (aka 'Angry Day')

Days: 29-30
Kilometres Travelled: 349
Total States Visited: 9
Total Kilometres: 7,101

As we approached the state border, we realised we still needed to purchase our signature magnet for Oklahoma (we collected one for each state) - and that's when things got ugly. We stopped counting after our tenth stop in 50km, pulling off and getting lost at almost every service stop along the interstate to fulfil our mission - and not a single magnet was found. At the last service station before the border, we got a token 'Kum'n'Go' stubby holder (Sponge found the servo chain name hilarious) as a last ditch effort for some form of souvenir. 

After making such slow and angry progress, we decided to camp at Natural Falls State Park just inside the OK border and found a lovely campsite - AND A MAGNET!  

Furious at the universe for playing such a trick on us, we went on a twilight stroll to the falls and saw our first fireflies, and soon we were much more calm and at peace. Clearly Oklahoma wasn't ready to see us go!