Getting Straight There (Literally)

Days: 27
Kilometres Travelled: 333
Total States Visited: 9
Total Kilometres: 6,441

We soon discovered the straight, unchanging road flanked with endless fields and giant silos simply DID NOT END. We drove for a couple of hours without a bend, dwarfed by passing trucks on the 80mph highway and growing delirious with boredom. 

Excitement came when we stopped in Guymon for groceries and lunch - and discovered the neatest and most beautifully presented supermarket in our lives. It was like something from the Truman Show, with very friendly staff ready to help you find anything you need among the neatly stacked (and dusted!) shelves. Amazing.

We carried on our long, very straight journey and saw the horizon for hundreds of miles in every direction. Distant hills and 2 bends added even more excitement to the trip, until we arrived in Boiling Springs State Park. This surprising oasis with its plentiful shade and wildlife (and bugs) amid the flat expanse of crops was perfect to spend the night.