Farewell Datsun

Days: 28
Kilometres Travelled: 311
Total States Visited: 9
Total Kilometres: 6,752

Before leaving Canada, we had expanded our family with our very own baby Venus Fly Trap, whom we named Datsun. Datsun drove comfortably up front, in a cup holder, and had seen all the sights and indulged in the same sun, air and water as us on our road trip so far. But things were becoming tense with his survival, especially after our previous night visitor in Frisco had indulged in a nibble on Datsun. 

And so, we were once again cruising along the very straight, unbending and unexciting roads through Oklahoma when we were stopped at some roadworks. Roadworks are managed differently here than back home  - rather than a short section of road closures, they are miles and miles. An 'all or nothing' approach. So we made chit chat with the lollipop guy in order to pass the time. Soon enough he spotted Datsun and told us all about his cousin, who really wanted a Venus Fly Trap.

Neither of us knew this moment was coming but suddenly there it was: we handed Datsun out the window, to go to his new home with the road worker's cousin. Before we could change our minds, it was time to go and from that moment on, we drove Datsun-less. Farewell little guy, we hope you are enjoying your new life.