Changing States

Days: 26
Kilometres Travelled: 266
Total States Visited: 8
Total Kilometres: 6,108

Both the geographical state of America and that of our bodies changed a few times that day, starting with a cross over into New Mexico signified by an abrupt change in scenery. We detoured past the Capulin Volcano National Monument, and witnessed a vast landscape formed by the historic volcanic eruption (such as cooled lava flows) as we drove up the side of the volcano to the crater. Relishing the fresh air, we accidentally walked the 1 mile around the crater rim - which was not by any means flat and hard work with a hangover! The views were spectacular though, and fascinating to see firsthand a landscape so evidently created from volcanic activity.

We carried on and crossed into Texas - once again, an abrupt change of scenery and atmosphere. We had spied some rather big things (silo bins?) in the distance, and Sponge jokingly said "maybe that's Texas," and it was. Giant structures literally demarcated the border, giving truth to the saying that 'everything is bigger in Texas'. We spent the night in a very quaint RV park in Dalhart, relieved to be at a lower, warmer altitude with showers, WiFi and an afternoon for recovery.