A True Okie Experience

We made it to Stillwater in the early morning, after a very warm start (humidity and the burning sun had set in fast at our nearby lake campsite). After exploring several department stores and other delights of the town, we headed out to find a campsite at Wild Wood RV Park just out of town. Turns out in some (many) places, RV park means RVs only - but we struck it lucky and the owners offered us a lovely private piece of lawn behind the ablutions for just $10. Further conversation with the very friendly owner revealed that we were in Tornado Alley, and he took great delight in spending the next half hour vividly describing the number of near death situations he knew of from spontaneous hurricanes and tornadoes in the area. We drank a lot of beer after that.

Once it had cooled down a little, we headed to the local county fair for an evening of firsts; our first county fair (obviously), our first corn dogs and a first prize from a dart throwing game. Honestly though, it was much smaller than we expected and left early, if a little disheartened. We headed into town for our first Sonic drive-in experience, where you order at individual car park bays and the 'carhops' serve you on roller skates! 

With county fair ticked off the bucket list, we were about to get back on the road when one of the RV park residents asked us over to her trailer for a coffee and a burrito, to show us some true 'Okie hospitality'. How could we say no? We had a great time touring the RV (surprisingly spacious!), eating burritos, drinking coffee, sharing stories (and learning about football-mania) and receiving yet more travel tips, finally hitting the road about 2 hours later...