A Change of Scenery

Days: 31
Kilometres Travelled: 365
Total States Visited: 10
Total Kilometres: 7,466

One thing we consistently struggled to get over was the sudden change of scenery the moment we crossed a state border. Oklahoma into Arkansas was no different - within moments, the prairie style farmland gave way to lush, almost tropical forest and winding roads. It was pure joy to drive. 

We left the main highway to find some state parks, and stumbled upon Steel Creek. We indulged in hotdogs as we explored the secluded riverbed and towering cliffs - eerie, but very photogenic.  

Although we were enjoying the winding, hilly roads through the forest, Josie's brakes started to concern us and we detoured south towards some flatter (we hoped) driving. We passed through the Buffalo River region and a few towns with lovely postcard-worthy neighbourhoods; big shady trees, white houses and lush green lawns. 

Comparatively spoilt for choice with campsites, we ended up at Sylvia Lake in Ouchita State Park and found ourselves in yet another epic, secluded site.