Days: 19-20
Kilometres Travelled: 183
Total States Visited: 7
Total Kilometres: 4,954

The next couple of days we spent hanging around Steamboat Springs, trying to keep away from the crowds as the USA Pro seemed to intensify in its presence and consequent fanfare. We lived off spontaneous WiFi and food sources found hidden around the town, and got acquainted with the mountain we intended to ride the next day.

After a quick skate session, we set out to find a campsite just north of the town when suddenly we were caught in the most intense thunderstorm we had ever experienced. Torrential rain blinded us and we were forced to wait it out on the side of the road... Yet another movie scene played out before us, as we saw a lone guy walking along the road in the rain and a nasty car accident just around the bend. Horror movies are not our favourite (especially when it feels like you're in one).

The first campsite we found was strangely coated in dog fluff, so we carried on until we found the ultimate free site just up the road. We spent the evening completely secluded with a fire, marshmallows and a good feeling of nostalgia.

On our last day, we hit up our fourth bike park on our journey and the main reason we came to Steamboat. There seemed to be an abundance of wildlife in this area - after a private chipmunk viewing at breakfast, we also encountered a deer and 2 fawns on the trails, as well as some crazy chipmunks playing chicken with 27" of fast rotating rubber. We were kept on our toes but it only added to the thrill of each 30 min descent down the mountain. 

In an attempt to beat the USA Pro tour departure (they were heading the same way as us!) we called it early, fattened ourselves up with Maccas and hightailed it to nearby Kremmling for a night of luxury (ie, a caravan park with showers).