The Elusive Moose Continues

Days: 17
Kilometres Travelled: 559
Total States Visited: 6
Total Kilometres: 4,422

Our newest trick for getting around was to ask locals what they thought was the best route from A to B, and so far it hadn't let us down. We drove through aptly named Snake Canyon, then onto Highway 189 and 191 which took us through some enormous mountains as we headed south east to Colorado. Suddenly we were in open prairie, with spectacular views of the black storm clouds right across the horizon and we felt eerily like we were in a scene from Twister. 

Copious amounts of long straight stretches of road, incredible horizons and more storm watching later, our arrival into Utah was signified by the sudden appearance of its characteristic pink and red dirt and Hollywood backdrop style canyons. We found ourselves in the very appropriately named Flaming Gorge in time for sunset, which did not disappoint.

Unfortunately all the campsites were full, and with darkness setting in and tensions running high after a day on the road, we were not quite prepared for what came next... While looking for a camp, we finally spotted the elusive moose!!!! Casually tucked into some small trees on the side of the road, the big unit barely batted an eye as we zoomed past. All tensions dissipated with the elation of spotting the moose, and we settled in happily to our free meadow camp for the night.