The Elusive Moose

Days: 15-16
Kilometres Travelled: 217
Total States Visited: 5
Total Kilometres: 3,863

We finally made it out of Yellowstone and found camp in Sheffield Creek, a tiny pocket of state forest wedged in between Yellowstone and Teton National Park, our next destination. We called it early and indulged in some bush TV in bed, watching the nearby tethered horses of other campers... and before we knew it, we woke to the sound of heavy rain - perfect for a day of driving.

As it turns out, Teton National Park does not really like to stand out from the crowd and we nearly drove all the way through it without realising. So we stopped at Teton Valley Lodge and were rewarded with a coffee, stunning view, piece and quiet and sunshine. We also learned we were in prime moose territory, and with it being the only North American native we had yet to witness, our eyes became glued to the scenery (not that they weren't already). 

We made it to Driggs with a few moose-hunting stops along the way (Jenny Lake, Mt View, Teton Ski Village and some nondescript rest stops), but clearly the elusive moose did not want to be seen...

We camped at Teton Canyon in an epic site next to a 'creek' (known in Australia as gushing river), and it was during breakfast the next morning the camp hosts informed us we just missed a moose and 2 calves feeding - mere metres from us! The elusive moose continued...

We spent the day mountain-biking at Grand Targhee, another bike park/ski hill that had our adrenaline pumping and riding skills quickly developing. Pure joy was to be had on the trail 'Chutes and Ladders' - so much that we even hiked halfway up the mountain just to ride it again, and both of us got a good amount of air time (proportionately according to skill!). 

Exhausted but buzzing, we had well earned beer and chips overlooking the mountain and returned to the same forest camp for the night - only to learn that we missed the moose family again! The elusive moose was persistent.

Determined to catch sight of the moose, Sponge woke up at dawn but alas, no moose to be seen all morning. Rain set in again, and in a sombre mood we set off on the journey towards Colorado...