Yellowstone Adventures

Days: 13-14
Kilometres Travelled: 444
Total States Visited: 5
Total Kilometres: 3,646

Relieved to have survived the night in our questionable choice of campsite (there were rednecks, death metal and a crim car involved), we hit the road to make it to Yellowstone National Park. We went via Beartooth Highway, one of the most scenic highways in the world, and prepared ourselves to be amazed... We were not let down. Chipmunks and an avocado sandwich at the summit of 3335m were the icing on the cake.

After a slight descent, we arrived in the national park which boasted equally astounding scenery and more, as we emerged through mountains into the 'basin'. The vastness of the landscape was still hard to comprehend, especially with the abundance of bison and elk scattered through the plains (and a small village!). With sunset approaching and the campgrounds full, we headed to the outskirts to a cheap and cheerful campground, and were rewarded with a close and personal elk viewing from a grazing herd.