Town Tours

Days: 11-12
Kilometres Travelled: 747
Total States Visited: 4
Total Kilometres: 3,202

The neighbouring town of Wallace proved to be quite a charming little place, after spotting it from the freeway like a vintage postcard. After an accidental diner breakfast, we took some time to explore its historical highlights and the antique stores that occupied every second tenancy. We stopped by the tourist information, where a very friendly (and proud) lady informed us it was the only U.S. town to be entirely on the register of historical places and has been visited by Roosevelt himself. And the Dante's Peak was filmed there. We were so impressed we bought an overpriced magnet and went on our way. 

Missoula could not have been more different - we stopped for some supplies and got absorbed in the astronomically huge department stores that lined the highway. Both Target and Walmart could easily have fitted an entire village inside! Taco Bell did not disappoint either - upon our revelation it was our first time, the very helpful John Goodman lookalike helped us with our menu selections, all of which were cheap and filthy...but so satisfying and delicious. 

The next day we discovered the trials and tribulations of using our first coin laundry and nearly forgetting our undies before we made it to Philipsburg. The campground host had insisted we visit the local candy store (a 'toll' for passing through), which we did. It was like a scene from Willy Wonka, although the saltwater taffy was not as great as we imagined. We also found out that cappuccinos are served extra 'dry' in the states - as in 1 shot of espresso with foam. Lacklustre coffee aside, we left the charming douth-style town in high spirits and carried on our journey down the i-90, noting the uncanny resemblance to Australian farming landscapes.