Silver Mountain Delights

We awoke for our first day of riding in our barren carpark campsite to a blazing sun (and mild hangovers). Somehow we got moving early and were on the gondolas minutes after they started running - only to be blown away by the ascent before us. Finally, 25 minutes later, we reached the top of the mountain and began our descent on the rocky, loose trails. Due to the length, height and intensity of these trails, we only managed 2 full runs down the mountain with just a few crashes between us. We called it early and after a dust-removal session and an ice-cream decided to catch the sunset from the mountain peak - and that is perhaps when Silver Mountain showed its best side. 

As we watched the glowing sun sink below the mountainous horizon from our chairs, with an ice cold brew in our hands, we had a moment to realise just how lucky we are.