Welcome to the USA

Days: 8-9
Kilometres Travelled: 670
Total States Visited: 4
Total Kilometres: 2,455

After a playing 20 Questions with the officers at the border crossing, we found ourselves finally cruising in the USA - and everything looked pretty much the same! Except of course we had to abruptly familiarise ourselves with miles and gallons within metres. Sorry, feet. Or yards. Or something like that. 

Due to a wildfire in Glacier National Park, we were rerouted through some rather uninteresting places - and started to get a taste of the real America. Our first Pizza Hut dine-in experience was an indulgent one, and our first Walmart was too derelict we didn't even park the car. We drove on and on, past some amazing scenery and quaint (and not-so-quaint) towns and started to notice a few common features:

  1. the roads are mostly concrete, not bitumen;
  2. helmets on motorbikes are optional;
  3. there are flags, churches and casinos EVERYWHERE - to the point that casinos were petrol stations and petrol stations casinos; and
  4. there is a similarly ridiculous amount of billboards, so many that you can decide what to do, where to eat and where to sleep before you even arrive. 

After briefly finding Paradise and an anticlimactic border crossing into Idaho, we finally made it to Kellogg and settled into Silver Mountain Lodge for some beer and WiFi (and got a little carried away with both).