Summer Times

As you can probably gather from our previous post and video below, we had a glorious time in the idyllic lakeside town of Peschiera del Garda, in northern Italy. Somehow we picked up on its strange Douth vibe as we walked barefoot along the shores, ate plenty of gelato and ogled the sports cars that flashed past during the warm days and balmy nights. Definitely a lot of cash lying around the place!

Our accommodation, the Meet Hostel, lived up to its name as we discovered we were bunking with an awesome bunch of guys from Germany. Amidst the (copious) litres of beer consumed, we shared plenty of laughs, adventures, quests and English/German lessons, and discovered the delights of Looping Louie.

We couldn't have asked for much more from Peschiera, our holiday from our holiday, and we left its lazy days (and killer pollen) well rested and in high spirits.