The City That Never Sleeps

And nor had we when we ventured out for our first day of exploring the epic city, after yet another time zone change (6 hours!) and delicious 8 hour flight the night before. But jet lag couldn't hold us back once we set foot on the pavement in Brooklyn, where we were immediately swept up in the liveliness and hustle that is New York. 

We could not have anticipated the thrill we felt arriving in Manhattan and being able to recognise not only the skyline, but streets and imagery from all the movies and TV shows we occasionally find ourselves living through. Now we saw it for ourselves and it felt like we were moving through a never ending movie scene. After a while, we started to grasp that there were no cameras rolling (that we saw) and this place really is for real. And yet so unreal. 

First on our list was Central Park - and it set a pretty high standard for the rest of the city! It was refreshing to see such a massive park in the middle of a bustling city; peaceful but still so full of life itself. After a walk down 'The Mall' (perhaps the most infamous walkway in the park) we hired some bikes of questionable quality and cruised around in an attempt to take it all in. 

Still curious and in an exploratory mood, we took ourselves on an adventure through the city streets, past the numerous subway vents (which are excellent heat sources) and yellow cabs until we hit the shores of the Hudson River just in time for sunset. 

With darkness falling, we trekked back to the centre only to stumble upon Times Square, glowing in all its illuminated billboard glory. There is no other word for it but insane; the atmosphere was electric (literally) and with the space lit almost to daylight, it was impossible to keep still in the constant buzz of people. Even at 11pm on a weeknight, the square showed no signs of slowing down and we too were swept along, gawking in amazement at the scene around us.

There is never a dull moment here in the Big Apple; from seeing the Wheelie Boys whizz past us just after breakfast to crazy rides on the subway, street performances, costumes and some very interesting characters... our first day taught us to expect the unexpected around every corner.