Bucket List Item #8: Visit Venice

A trip to Italy wouldn't be complete without a visit to the iconic island of Venice, aka tourist central (as we soon discovered). Our train delivered us to the heart of the city, where we quickly realised that the 'roads' on our map were in fact anything from a narrow passageway to a wide lane, and our sense of scale was completely out.

Assassins Creed - Sack had been here already!


The riddle of mazes that make up Venice can be circumnavigated in one day, and with just over 24 hours to burn, we did it - twice. On our first loop we headed down the main drag, over to San Marco's Square, Ponte Vecchia and Ponte Accademia, and we were just astounded by the beauty of Venice (how can Italy keep getting better?!). Our second loop was more of a 'get lost and see where we end up' tour, which is possibly the best way to see the real Venice. Every corner - and there were millions - provided another photo opportunity of rustic buildings boasting rich colours and the famous waterways. 

There were possibly just as many squares as there were corners, and we stumbled upon some lovely quiet places to relax and people/boat watch (except for that one time Sack upset an old lady by reclining on the paving rather than sharing a bench with a stranger). 

The warm spring evening allowed us to stay out way past bed time, and we discovered Venice is remarkably just as photogenic and colourful by moonlight!