Rome Wasn't Walked in a Day

Rome was chaos... Not the bad kind, that leaves you stressed and exhausted and ready to hide, but the good kind of chaos where the constant activity creates a buzz of excitement and the sounds, smells and colours sweep you in so much that you don't want to leave.

Thanks to the unintentionally free public transport and our new ability to walk endless kilometres, we practically scoured the entire city centre, constantly amazed by the number of ancient ruins casually strewn around the place. Some of them we discovered on purpose, like the Colosseum and Palatino Hill (unbelievable!), while others lay in disrepair along suburban streets and parks. 

Amongst the chaos (abiding the road rules seems to be optional) we managed to stumble across a significant number of churches and basilicas - each one grander and boasting more marble and gold than the one before. The sheer scale, soaring ceilings and intricately detailed interiors of these monumental buildings have to be seen to be believed. 

And what would a trip to Rome be without mentioning the food - oh, the delights! It was impossible to find bad food in the motherland of pizza, pasta and gelato, even with our frugal budget.

With the addition of stunning weather every day, we struggled to come to terms with departing... But the chaos (and 30,000 steps a day) eventually took its toll, forcing us and our new tans to leave behind the epic city.