Gaudi Scoping

Although we were both well over sightseeing by this point in our trip, it would have been a crime to visit Barcelona and not witness the remarkable works of architect Antonio Gaudi (plus Sponge wanted to finally see them in real life!). And so our efforts to explore the Catalan city more or less turned into a Gaudi scoping mission on every other day, and we soon became pretty good at spotting them from a distance.

This method actually worked quite well in our favour; although the destinations themselves were often spewing with tourists, the journey to each place took us through some very cool neighbourhoods and quirky streets (also thanks to our limited forward planning and poorly scaled map).

Unfortunately we also discovered that entry tickets were absurdly expensive, so we decided to appreciate each site in our own way, usually from the exterior. We also came across the strange phenomenon of 'siesta', where the entire city seems to shut down for the afternoon - shops, restaurants, everything is closed until around 6-7pm. This made beer o'clock a much anticipated hour!

When our efforts with Gaudi's works were done and we had walked for too long waiting for the end of siesta, we sought solace in the local food and drink - highlights being sangria (we even tried the sparkling version) and the best guacamole we have ever eaten in our lives. And chorizo from the local supermarket, which was perhaps eaten a little more frequently than it should have...

In all, Barcelona provided us with exactly the right amount of quirkiness, delicious food and laziness to keep us going on our journey.