Continuing our action-packed week, we squeezed in a quick trip to Rotterdam with Evgeniya and Kiseniya before we left - a slightly Melbourne-esque city that was different again from all the others!

First stop, the Kijk kubus (cube houses), which were a very unique cluster of rotated cubes suspended in the air. Interesting concept... but almost painful to imagine actually living in one!

We headed across the square to Market Hall, a relatively new building full of fresh food and produce, with a horseshoe of apartments enclosing the space. Here we tried our first delectable, freshly made stroopwafel!

We decided to venture to the 'Corner of the Netherlands' and in doing so, unintentionally committed our first (very minor) felony after a very confusing train changeover! After a glorious 15 minutes by the almost-seaside, we commenced the 2 hour journey back to Amersfoort for some very welcome beers and burgers.