Philips City

With minimal time between the days of motocross, we headed to our accommodation in Eindhoven - a hostel that had been established in an old Phillips factory. It was a very cool conversion, with much of the existing services and fittings still on display and the one building housing a huge assortment of new premises (including a concert venue!). 

We shared a few beers with a young Dutch guy from our dorm before we ventured into the city in search of a midnight dinner (good ol' kebabs) and were almost fooled into thinking Eindhoven had a similar nightlife to Perth - until we stumbled upon a hotspot buzzing with bars and clubs. 

With thousands of kilometres of walking under our belt, we finally crashed in bed. And soon discovered the cons of sharing a 32 bed dorm with two separate bucks parties!

All in all, it was a very interesting city - youthful and a bit hipster, with a distinct edgy feel...