MTB Time

Suffering withdrawal symptoms, it didn't take long for Sack to arrange a mountain biking excursion with Felix in the Veluwezoom National Park. Sponge tagged along, wishing to take advantage of the weather and believing that MTB couldn't be that challenging here... 

But, it turns out that there ARE some hills in Holland! Significant ones, which were even more of a challenge after a couple of months without practise and an entirely inappropriately dressed Sponge. 

After a few trails through the beautiful forest we stopped on a grassy hill with a view that could easily be mistaken for south west WA. Sponge took the opportunity for a luxurious recline in the sun, while Felix and Sack (disappointed with the pace so far) took off on a 'man ride' around the forest. 

A couple of hours later, with legs burning and arms and wrists shaken and bruised (thanks to the completely seized suspension), we finally surrendered to our exhaustion (and Burger King).