Memory Lane

This was a day trip of epic proportions, involving:

  • A lovely visit with Oom Gerard, where we learnt a lot about Sponge's Dutch heritage.
  • A return to Amsterdam - this time with Evgeniya (our host) and her friend Kiseniya, who had recently arrived from Russia.
  • An exploration of the Amsterdam library - a library that felt very pleasant to be in! 
  • A quest to find Begijnhof, a secret garden, only to arrive after it closed (but still stole a peek).
  • Some beers, bitterbollen and good laughs at a bar in Leidserplein.
  • A twilight stroll around Vondelpark, the exercise central of Amsterdam it seems.
  • A remarkable experience with a waiter correctly guessing all our nationalities from our appearance alone.
  • Bargain 5 euro pizzas for dinner.
  • Our third tour through the Red Light District (!)
  • The second last train out of Amsterdam to return home at a modest 2am...