The Treehouse

Tucked away in the Austrian countryside and surrounded by forest, we found ourselves at the Treehouse hostel in Grünau - one of the most hospitable and friendly places we have been yet.

We were somehow the only guests, which meant a free room upgrade and plenty of freedom to relax in the bar, near the fire, in the tv room or downstairs in the massive pool room (pool was free too). Fortunately, our host Gerhard was a chef, and both him and his son spoke great English, so we were very well fed and conversed! 

The one negative was the weather, which decided to rain our entire first day. We risked a bike ride into town in what we thought was a clear patch, only to be drenched with ice water 2 minutes in! Needless to say, it was extremely cold - Sponge's health deteriorated fairly quickly after that...