Leg Day

After a very lazy start to the day, we decided we had better do something and settled on a lovely relaxing walk through the nearby forest...

We had chosen a trail leading to a waterfall, involving many kilometres of steady uphill climbing. The indicative completion times were a little ambitious, or at least intended for olympic marathon runners, as it took us nearly an hour to reach the top. But, the climb and resultant burning leg sensation was worth it for the view we were rewarded with.

The panorama of Hallstatt Lake and surrounding villages and mountains was breathtaking (as was the lack of balustrading at the cliff edge). We made it all 300m back down (just) with our legs quivering like jelly, and very ready for all the beers that followed.

We must have impressed a god somewhere with our efforts, or perhaps it was the genuine hospitality of the Austrian people when we had a slight problem at dinner later on: the restaurant had no eftpos, and we had no cash... Never mind, the waitress said, just come back tomorrow and pay!