The Quest

An easy, brief train trip away we found ourselves in Amsterdam - the mother land. Having splashed some cash to improve our living quarters for the weekend for Sack's birthday, everything was wonderful from the moment we set foot in the canal-ridden city. 

Eager to make the most of the liberties available in Amsterdam, we set out to find a particular coffeeshop  (which doesn't just sell coffee...) using Sack's internal compass. A few hours later, after many kilometres and most of the Jordaan district circumnavigated twice, we still hadn't found the place. So, we had to settle for somewhere else (easily - we simply followed our noses). 

We purchased a 'chocolate and vanilla sponge cake' and, feeling incredibly rebellious, ate it unnecessarily discreetly in a nearby square. The following hours were quite an adventure with many memorable (and hilarious) moments: a "that-doesn't-make-sense" moment; an "upside-down-burger" moment; a couple of "irrationally-afraid-of-people" moments; a "slo-mo-Pepsi-spilling" moment; an orgasmic croquet from FEBO; and, somehow a full round trip to KFC in the city centre (the underlying cause of most of these events). 

We certainly started our time in Amsterdam on a high note...