Sack's Birthday

As could only be expected, Sack's special day kicked off with pancakes and beer for breakfast at the Pancake Bakery.

With our bellies supremely full and tastebuds satisfied we walked (waddled) around the canals and soaked in the beautiful spring sunshine, enjoying a few cheeky beers on the side of a canal watching the boats, ducks and passersby. 

Having failed our previous quest to find a particular coffeeshop, we set out again - and this time, success... we helped bake up a storm! After Sack's birthday treat, we headed into the centre to the Sky Bar, on the top of the Hilton hotel. We were immediately wowed by our uninterrupted, window side view of Amsterdam and were even treated with a glowing sunset to compliment our G&Ts and nachos. Somehow, we later found ourselves back in the Red Light District - but quickly chose in favour of the salted caramel and stroopwafel gelato and waffles that were on the way home.  

Once again, we walked/waddled around the waterways of Amsterdam, which by night exuded an entirely new feeling of romance.