A few notes from our visit in Bremen:

  • There was a raging carnival right outside our hotel window, a smaller version of the royal show. 
  • Sponge had her first experience on the "Wilde Maus" (Mighty Mouse).
  • The town is quite scenic, a slice of 14th century medieval Europe. And very clean.
  • They must like bricks.  
  • 90 degree corners appear to be optional for some doors and windows.
  • The Mexican was good and the cocktails were cheap.
  • There are quite a few Quarters: Schnoor, Bohemian, Old Town. All with their own small laneways and photo opportunities (abundant with both!)
  • The Böttcherstrasse (the reason we went) was slightly shorter and less impressive than anticipated.
  • People in Bremen have a lot of second hand goods to sell.
  • Bremen is modest and unpretentious - a pleasant city.