Graffiti and the Ghetto

A quest to track down a burger bar rated highly online led us to Boxhagener Platz, in the slightly outer 'burbs of Berlin. After a slightly bewildering moment when the burger guy tried to convince us we would prefer the restaurant down the street (they also sold hamburgers) and our ensuing insistence that no, we wanted these ones, we finally got to eat the pretty epic house special burger while listening to Jay-Z and German rap. 

Perhaps this set the scene, as following our burgers we revived our spontaneous discovery ability and came across some form of 'ghetto'. We later found out that this was a clubbing precinct of Berlin and came alive at night, but still we were awed by the atmosphere of the place; grungy street art combined with derelict structures and a very clear presence of some form of life - yet at the same time, a strange feeling of emptiness and abandonment that made it almost haunting.

Continuing the theme, we wandered until we came across the East Side Gallery of the remaining Berlin Wall - the longest stretch, extending about 1.3km. Once more we were confronted with an abundance of graffiti, although sometimes defacing the artwork beneath it. The wall provided a blank canvas for many artists (and shameless tourists and civilians) and we traced it all the way back to the centre of town...