Berlin Jewish Museum

With most of the shops and cafes closed for Easter Sunday (strangely felt like being in Perth), we decided to get cultured and visit the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

Sponge was very excited to finally experience the building that featured in her second year of study, designed by architect Daniel Libeskind. The museum entry is in the classical looking building - behind the doors, we descended a cold concrete staircase into the depths of the adjacent modern steel and glass building (full of concrete finishes).

We explored each of the 3 axes here: the holocaust and holocaust tower; the axis of exile and emigration that leads to the 'garden' of exile; and the axis of memory and continuation, which leads to a massive staircase that took us back up to the history and artefacts of Jewish people in Berlin/Germany.

We experienced and learned A LOT, until our slightly over-saturated brains could take no more and we retreated to our hotel to eat Easter eggs and drink wine.