An Easter in Berlin

We certainly can't complain about our first international Easter holiday in Berlin. 

Waking to our first glimpse of blue sky in a very long time, we took a walk to nearby Alexanderplatz only to discover (as we seem to do well) that there was some form of festival on for the Easter/school holiday. The square was buzzing with people and activities, and full of market stalls selling local crafts and some very delicious authentic street food. 

It didn't take us long to find the beer pavilion, and perhaps the most perfectly positioned deck chairs in the sun with a clear view to the adjacent bucking bull. We soaked up the sun, live music and the hops for most of the afternoon, entertained by the variety of attempts on the bucking bull. 

Eventually we ran out of beer and sunshine and went for a wander to see what 'that big green dome thing' was (Berliner Dom). Upon closer inspection, this majestic building was a patchwork of concrete and peppered with bullet holes from the war, which was quite eerie to experience.