The Longest Bus Trip.

As the budget-conscious travellers we are, we decided to travel by bus from Vienna to Berlin - a fraction of the cost of flying but epic in its duration...

We finally departed the Vienna International Bus terminal  (which closely resembled a construction yard) after waiting in the snow and bleak, freezing wind for our 30min late bus. On the 9 hour journey that followed, we drove through the Czech Republic, fascinated by the scenery (and language) transforming before our eyes. We even managed to set foot in Prague!

An hour late, we finally arrived in Berlin - and despite Sponge's best efforts of planning, it took a further hour of public transport and walking to reach our hotel (both the Viennese and Germans seem to have an aversion to appropriate signage). We timed it very well, arriving in time to join the Friday night crowd on the packed metro heading into the city! 

After 12 hours on the move, we were long overdue for a decent feed - and indulged in beer and grilled kangaroo at the nearby steakhouse. Worth it!