The Incident

As a final farewell to WA and some of our friends, we embarked on a 2 night camping trip to the southwest town of Pemberton just days before we were due to depart. Tranquil settings, campfires and beers were abundant, along with many laughs and good times. 

Pemberton is home to some of WA's best mountain biking trails, so for some excitement the cool guys in the group brought down their mountain bikes and had one last ride with Sack-Attack. 

What followed was unexpected... (Caution: Bad Language)


Needless to say, Sponge was not impressed. However, we both just counted our lucky stars that Sack's injury was not any more severe.

One ceremonious helmet destroying session (it cracked!) later, Sack was back on his bike for a final GENTLE ride through the forest before a feast at the local pub.