The Departed

A few tearful goodbyes later (from Sponge) we have left home and started our journey. So much planning and organisation - and a lot of luck - has made this possible. The greatest source of luck is of course our friends and family, so a big thanks to everyone who has helped us out over the past few months - whether it be as a travel agent, providing storage, putting us up or with general manual labour - it really is appreciated. 

After a 5 hour flight from Perth to KL we kept with our travelling tradition and smashed down some Burger King in the airport, passing the time until our flight to Hong Kong digesting and reclining in the lounges like true backpackers.

The 4 hour flight to HK was surprisingly bearable, given that it was our second flight of the day (we have decided that anything over 5 hours in the air sucks). Although cramped and unable to move, we got to witness an amazing and seemingly never-ending sunset from our tiny window. 

Upon arriving in Hong Kong, we brushed up our novice public transport skills and were able to navigate the public transport system successfully. Catching the train to the right station was the easy part - we soon realised we had no map to find our hotel. Fortunately, Sack had adorned Sponge's travel pack with every travel accessory we had - including a compass. With a vague recollection our hotel was NE of the closest station, we were able to track it down no dramas! 

After a late night stroll through the bustling streets and feeling as though we couldn't carry our backpacks any longer, we checked into our little mini glass shoe box on the 20th floor and got an epic 10 hour sleep!