The Coldest Day of Our Lives

With the weather turning and being in considerable lethargy from our previous skiing day, we opted to explore the Matterhorn...on foot. 

More accurately, we embarked on the longest cable car ride in history* (*fact my not be factual) - from Zermatt to Schwarsee, then up to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise - taking about 2 hours in total.

We discovered what 'cold' was at Schwarsee (about 2500m asl), only to discover what FREEZING cold is at the top of the Matterhorn - a mere 3800m above sea level. From the comfort of the restaurant, we could barely see the skiers and snowboarders as they disappeared into the clouds.

We also experienced the effects of altitude as we nearly fell asleep in our spaghetti... But at least we slowly regained feeling in our feet (albeit temporarily, losing it again on the descent).