The Slowest Fast Train

That is the actual slogan of the Glacier Express, a panoramic train that travels through the Alps from Zermatt to St Moritz and covers just 290km in 7.5 hours.

BUT, the journey was definitely worth it! The morphing landscape from one side of Switzerland to the other was incredible; every turn revealed a new valley, village or mountain peak, all postcard-worthy. And there was a whole lot of snow! 

The other best part was the picnic we were able to bring on board, including alcohol. A bottle of red (and beers in the bar carriage) made the trip very pleasant indeed - and Sack was even complimented on his choice of red wine by the attendants! Sack also seems to be developing a habit of making friends with the people around him every time Sponge heads off on a toilet break. This time it was a lovely American family, which made the trip even more enjoyable as we shared a drink at the bar together, exchanging stories.